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East Kent Scaffolding

East Kent Scaffolding are Kent's foremost scaffolding company that takes pride in offering all types of scaffolding services across the south east. No matter what your scaffolding project is, East Kent Scaffolding will assure you the best cost-effective solution.


East Kent Scaffolding work across all sectors, these include residential, industrial, commercial and rail. We provide scaffolding for projects involving interiors, exteriors, construction, refurbishment, maintenance and more.

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Image of vans on site from East Kent Scaffolding
Image of commercial scaffolding from East Kent Scaffolding

Commercial Scaffolding

Our commercial projects, which may be located close to busy public spaces, are always designed to cause minimum disruption. Where necessary, we can supply and install temporary fencing, cordons, barriers and safety signage.

Some commercial projects, such as train stations and schools, have to be completed within restricted times. In these cases, we can work in the evenings, through the night and on public holidays to ensure completion dates are met.

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Residential Scaffolding

We understand that homeowners face challenges and often need help and advice when planning construction works at their home.

With our experience and knowledge, we can offer a variety of scaffolding solutions for individual homeowners, local builders and roofers. We will constantly strive to meet customer needs, and take pride in the efficiency of our flexible, customer-friendly service.

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Image of residential scaffolding from East Kent Scaffolding